Blue Light Filter For PC


EYES PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel FOR PC

How To Measure For Your Device:

The measurements below are pretty self-explanatory but I will briefly cover what they mean and how to measure your screen.

The first set of measurements are the ENTIRE DIAGONAL MEASUREMENT – The Green line

The measurements in parenthesis (like this) are the VIEWABLE DIAGONAL AREA – The Red Line




17″ Diagonal – 5:4 Format – LED PC Monitor (W 14.13″ X H 11.45″) – SEE IT HERE

19″ Diagonal LED PC Monitor (W 17.13″ X H 11.42″) – SEE IT HERE

20 and 22-inch Diagonal LED PC Monitor (W 19.29 X H 12.48 inch) – SEE IT HERE

23 and 24-inch Diagonal LED PC Monitor (W 21.06 X H 13.78 inch) – SEE IT HERE

25″ Diagonal LED PC Monitor (W 22.83″ X H 14.17″) – SEE IT HERE

26″/27″/28″ Diagonal LED PC Monitor (W 24.80″ X H 15.55″) – SEE IT HERE

29″-32″ Diagonal LED PC Monitor (W 28.34″ X H 16.53) – SEE IT HERE

34″ Diagonal Ultra Wide LED PC Monitor (W 32.70″ X H 14.70″) – SEE IT HERE

43″ Diagonal LED TV Monitor (W 38.19″ X H 22.05″) – SEE IT HERE


Blue Light Screen Protector Panel for Apple iMac

21.5″ Diagonal LED Monitor (W 20.63″ X H 12.56”) – SEE IT HERE

27″ Diagonal LED Monitor (W 25.31″ X H 15.08”) – SEE IT HERE


Looking for A Blue Light Protector for your smartphone or laptop? I will break those down in a separate post a little later in the month.

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