How To Sell On Etsy For Dummies

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Here is how to use Etsy. It’s easy, fast, and free to sign up. is super easy to use and free to sign up. However, it does cost a small fee to list and after you sell an item. All you need to do is sign up to be a buyer. Then you can choose to have a shop. All you have to do is connect your PayPal to your Etsy shop. Once you have your shop it is time to start selling.

The following post is a brief overview of selling on Etsy. if you’re really serious about learning the Etsy earning ropes, take a look at “Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies” book. (see it here) This book walks you through the basics of setting up an Etsy account, and even goes the extra mile with a lot of helpful tips. My advice: Don’t set up an Etsy shop without reading this book FIRST!!! It’s an awesome help for Etsy beginners!

Take pictures of your item.

How To Sell On Etsy For Dummies

Your picture needs to be clear. Your picture must be taken in good lighting. (like this one)

Naming and describing your item

Now that you have your pictures you need to name your item. The bigger the name the better. But it does not have to be a big name. You need to write out a description for your item. Your description must have the following:

  1. What it is?
  2. How heavy is it?
  3. What size is it?
  4. What color it is?
  5. How does it feel?

Writing your description you need to write it as if you are talking to a small child. Remember they can’t feel it or pick it up like in a store.

Selecting a price, quantity, and keywords

Now it is time to pick the right price. If you know how much to sell it for then go ahead and mark your price. I do suggest looking at other peoples work to get a feel for what you should charge. If your prices are too low they might not buy it because they think something is wrong with it. If the price is too high they will not buy it. This is also where you will put quality. How many you have to sell. You can add up to thirteen keywords. Put what it is, color, and any other keywords that can go with it.

List materials used

Also put in materials as well. What did you use to make this item with? You should also put this in keywords. If you get a special order your title should be “Reserved for_________.”

The forum’s a great place to promote and get others to see your items. Join groups and learn the ropes of promoting. If you have a blog write about other peoples shops and they will write about yours. This is a great way to promote items.


Thanks for reading and enjoy Esty. It is fun and enjoys.

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