How do you organize your coupons? Coupon Organizing ~ Part 1 (+GIVEAWAY)

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How Do You Organize Your Coupons?

So, how do you organize your coupons? Are you new to couponing, or maybe you’re wanting to develop a better system for doing it? We can help you whip your coupon organizing skills into shape! We’ve all been there with our stashed coupons all over our home, in our purse, or left in the kitchen junk drawer waiting to be clipped. Do you ever find yourself trying to match up your coupons to sale papers while surrounded by a pile of coupons, newspapers,  and circulars that are in no particular order?  One way to ensure that you use coupons is to get your organizational groove on!  There is nothing worse than getting home to see that you forgot to use that coupon! Or taking them with you only to find out they are mostly all expired! If you can’t find them when you need them or they are expired when you finally see them, they are of absolutely no value to you!

My mission over the next few weeks will be to provide a few short projects/ideas to help us all whip our coupons back into order.  I say “brief” because I don’t want any newbies to feel overwhelmed, a feeling I remember all too well when I started 25+ years ago.

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Coupon Organizing Methods:

There are as many different coupon organizing methods as there are types of coupon shoppers. Your job is to determine what type of coupon shopper you are. The system I use makes me feel organized and in control. However, whats right for me may feel awful to you. And sometimes it’s a trail and error thing. Try it, see if it works. If it does, great! However, if it feels too small or just isn’t what you want, move onto another method.   Let me lay it out for you:


Coupon Wallets:

For the occasional coupon user or someone new to couponing, this is a perfect way to start. This was my first method of organizing coupons. You can purchase these at the Dollar stores, however, the ones there usually do not have labels on the tabs, so you will want to add your own.  For a few extra dollars, you can purchase one online or at a larger office supply store, which will have tab dividers! The Coupon Wallet [Link To Product] is also great as a handy “Store-it” Method, which we will cover a little later.


Coupon Accordion File:

This is a system for whole coupon inserts! I’ve personally never been a big fan of this method. I did try it briefly, but it didn’t “fit” me and I went

to the coupon box instead.

Coupon Box:

The coupon box was my second real coupon organizing method I used this system for over two years, and it served me well!  The coupon box is for the more serious coupon shopper. I can tell you from experience that you want one with a LOCKING LID!  Imagine what happens when the box is sitting in your back seat, and you have to hit your brakes suddenly… weeks and weeks worth of work all over your floorboards!

I eventually moved up to the next level when my coupon box became two coupon boxes!

Coupon Binder:

Once you get more into couponing, you may have too many coupons to fit into a small coupon wallet or even in a coupon box.  The coupon binder is when you’re ready to move up to the coupon binder. (my favorite by the way)

You want to make sure the binder you choose is heavy duty, has a handle and possibly a strap for carrying and is zippered. I highly recommend “CASE-IT” binders. I have had my current case binder going on ten years! Yes, they last!!



Think about each of the coupon organizing methods I have outlined and decide which one you think you may want to use. We will be talking about each one in more detail along with where to get your coupons, how and when to cut and clip your coupons and a few other helpful tips and resources as we go along. In the meantime, be sure to enter to win a “Coupon Binder System” in the app below! By the time we have finished this Coupon Organizing series one lucky person will get there very own Coupon Binder System free! (including shipping!)  Valid in the US & Canada only! You can view our giveaway complete rules on our “Rules of the Game” page.

The Giveaway

The end date has been changed from 2/23/2018 to 3/7/2018.

Sorry folk! I got my dates turned around! It’s fixed now.



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So, How do you organize your coupons? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

  1. I use a coupon wallet but sometimes I just can’t stay motivated to keep up cutting coupons every week. That is why I love this binder idea. I run a home for disabled adults and so I use all the coupons I can get my hands on. This would keep me much more organized. Hey, check out the clearance isles at Walmart. there is almost always something there I can use and I can still use a coupon . You know what is funny…I don’t know why people steal, I get such a high from snagging a good deal with coupons!

  2. I use to do refunds several years ago so I would like to see that.

  3. I would love to know the secret to extreme couponing. I watch the shows but see them getting so many items that I do not use. I coupon but would learn how to better my savings.

    • Donna, Extreme couponing and massive stockpiling were common prior to the airing of the extreme couponing show. However, I’m afraid those days are long gone! You can still extreme coupon, just not to the extent we use to be able to do it. Now it takes a lot of careful planning. The show “extreme couponing” pretty much ruined it for everyone. Participant’s on that show gave the Company’s a Step-By-Step guide on how to shut us down. Once Company’s figured out what and how it was done, they quickly started putting up roadblocks.

      Like I said, it can still be done but will require more on your part; multiple trips to the store, broadening your comfort zone to shop in other cities, always having your coupon binder so you can take advantage of clearance. Maybe I need to make an article specifically on this?

  4. I have a coupon wallet that I love and would love to try out the binder!

  5. I love to save with coupons. I hate all the hassle. Sometimes a store will limit you to 5 of any one coupon and the coupons are like $2 off of 2 but the sale to get the discounted price on the item is you must purchase 5. Still that does not stop me, I just use two $2/2 and $1 off of one.

  6. I love the coupon wallet because it is smaller and easier to carry but I absolutely love the binder method because i can clearly see each coupon and it is easier to organize. I love couponing and would love to get back into it.

    • I have to agree with you Trisha. Both the coupon wallet and the coupon binder have their own benefits. I carry both!

  7. I’d like to try to do this!

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