20 Ways to Go Green and Save Green

A lot of people are making the “GREEN” movement harder than it should be. They try to make it seem like an expensive thing; really it is not that hard, or costly. In fact, you might just save some money!


Lights Out


Turn off your lights when not in a room.  It seems so simple and can save you a small fortune.

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Try Walking


Don’t drive if you can walk.  Save gas.  Seriously I see people drive two blocks to pick up their mail.  How ridiculous is that?

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Don’t Buy Junk


Don’t buy junk you don’t need.  Who needs knick-knacks?   Most of these products are made from raping the earth of her resources.  Many are made from petroleum-based products, like resin.  Most are manufactured in ways that pollute the sky, earth, and/or water.

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Second-Hand Stores


If you do want junk you don’t need, get it from Second-Hand stores.  Everything is green if it comes from a second-hand store.

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If you don’t need it or want it, take it to a Second-Hand store.  Rather than dumping it in the landfill – common sense.

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Don’t Buy A Newspaper


You can get all the news from the Internet or Television.  Newspapers, unless you need them for your birds’ cage, or recycle, are costly when you add it up.

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Make It At Home


Make your Coffee at home, preferably from “shade grown” coffee beans (like these).  Made coffee from stores is way expensive (figure out what you spend in a year) and especially when served in “to-go” cups, very bad for the environment.

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Buy Local


Shop at farmers markets, buy locally made or grown items.  Shipping of items from one place to another is resulting in huge environmental impacts.

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Breast Feed


Healthier for the baby, cheaper (what can be cheaper than free?) for you.

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Have A Small Family


More people make more problems.  Because our lifespans are longer, even one child per couple is population growth, and every child is a financial consideration.

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Do Not Idle Your Car


Apparently, anything more than thirty seconds is a waste of gas, you would use less gas if you shut off your car and restarted it.

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Less Meat


Reduce the amount of meat you eat.  Some people want to make this hard and tell you to stop eating meat altogether; it is more practical to simply reduce the amount you eat.  Most people eat far more meat than they need.  In many nations people only have meat once a week, if even that.  The meat portion sizes in North American (more than elsewhere) are extreme; a good portion size is about the size of a deck of cards.

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Grow Your Own Food


This is possibly the best thing you can do, for yourself, your pocketbook, and the environment.  The food you grow saves you money and is healthier than food loaded with chemicals or covered in sprays.  This can be as simple as a row of carrots, and a fruit tree, to an entire garden.

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Have Pet Chickens


Okay, not everyone can do this, but a few hens in your yard will lay eggs and eat bugs.

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Reusable Shopping Bags


This does cost you a tiny bit of money but saves the amount of bags you later have to throw away.

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Energy Efficient Bulbs


Replace light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs.  Again an expense, but it would cost you to replace them anyhow with regular bulbs.  A few cents more now will save money in the long run.

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Energy Efficient Products


Look for energy efficient products, like flashlights that work by winding them up, or solar powered lights.

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Gift Giving


Don’t give people gifts they cannot, or will not, use.  This is a waste of money.

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Unplug It


Don’t forget about residual energy.  Many products suck energy even when not in use.  If you are going away for an extended period, unplug your appliances, and computers, don’t just turn them off.

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Lead By Example


Finally, share your green habits with others.  If people see you drinking your coffee from a reusable mug, they might do the same.  If they see you recycling, they might do it too.  If they see you picking plums off your own plum tree, they might plant a peach tree, and you can share!


So, what way have you or your family gone green to save green? Let me know below in the comment section! I’d love to hear your ideas.

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